GDPR considerations for your app


GDPR. What does it mean for app owners?

GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. It’s legislation which aims to protect the privacy of EU citizens.    

What do App owners need to know?

The full regulations (and e-privacy directive) have not yet been announced. However what is clear is that if you collect ANY information on your users – you need clear procedures in place for how you handle that data. If you handle data from users based in the EEA (EU, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein) then you will need to comply.  

What Bitqueen can do for you.

Bitqueen keeps a full audit trail so you can track who opted in to what. This helps you prove you have permission to process your user data. Also If you are looking to monetise your data Bitqueen will help you to do so without breaking the rules under GDPR. By selling data through Bitqueen’s portal you guarantee that there is a full and actionable trail for data. If a user opts out from anything later Bitqueen will purge their data from any partners that were processing it.

Key Features

Opt in management

Bitqueen will track opt-ins so that app owners have an independent record of the permissions given by users. This gives you piece of mind that the data is compliant.

Opt out management

  “The right to erasure” GDPR grants EU citizens the right to erasure. If a user request for their information to be removed - then there must be a procedure to delete it completely. Bitqueen manages the deletion of all this data from it's full network. 

Bitqueen dashboard

Live tracking of optins, optouts and data requests. You can also enable and disable data partners so that your opt in has a 'data policy'

Add a premium to data

Bitqueen operates in partnership with many marketing technology companies and as such can help you safely monetise Demographic and Location data from your app users with their consent. This makes a great alternative to advertising banners, many of which are now being blocked by consumers. 

Full Compliance

Because some considerations involve you changing your internal business processes we can't force you to become 100% compliant but using Bitqueen we can help you get most of the way there with our Solutions

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